What we're selling in the shed...

We're selling everything through vending machines, being able to pay using cash or contactless. If paying with cash, change will only be available on the milk vending machine, the milkshakes and bottle machine will require the exact money or can also be paid for with contactless.

We also sell various types of eggs produced by our neighbours, which can only be paid for with cash.

We are always looking for ways to expand our range of products so if you know of any local produce that we could provide through our shed please get in touch!

£1.20 - 1 litre
75p - 500ml

Whole Milk

Fresh whole creamy milk, pasteurised on farm and straight to the vending machine for you to enjoy!

500ml of milk includes the cost of a recyclable cup, lid and straw.

40p per shot


To go with the fresh milk we will be selling milkshake syrups to add a flavour of your choice. We will have 8 flavours to choose from, the regulars of strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla will always be an option, as well as 4 flavours that will be chosen by our customers on social media! The syrup is dispensed in 'shots' and a 'shot' is enough syrup for 500ml of milk.


1L Glass Bottles

Marwood Milk branded, dishwasher safe and re-usable glass bottles are for sale that can be brought back as many times as you want!

£1.50 to £4.00


Eggs from our neighbours chickens, quails, ducks and geese! 



Honey produced by our neighbours bees! This will be available later in the year.